Tumbling Down the Goblin Hole

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RAINN on Rape Culture

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"Invisible" is Live!


As of today, Invisible is officially a thing! In addition to the guest blog posts featured on the blog, the e-book anthology includes bonus material from Alex Dally MacFarlane, Gabriel Cuellar, Nonny Blackthorne, and Ithiliana.

It’s on sale for $2.99 at the following sites, and I’m hoping to add to this list as other retailer links go live. All proceeds will go to the Carl Brandon Society for Con or Bust.

I learned a lot from this project. I think these essays do a marvelous job of answering the question, “Why does representation matter?” and of looking at different types of representation in our genre.

I’m a big believer in the importance and power of story. The contributors to Invisible showed me new aspects of that power, things I hadn’t necessarily considered before.

If you’re a reviewer and would be interested in a copy, please let me know. And if you feel like spreading the word, I’ll send you a tray of fresh-baked karmic brownies (or another imaginary karmic goodie of your choice).

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hermitjesty asked: Happy (early) birthday, and many returns of the day!

Thank you!

I could have done without the snow, but ah well. It shall be a fun day nonetheless! :-)

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Five Days as a Pre-Borg (Diabetes Related)

Not sure if this is the kind of thing my Tumblr friends would be interested in, but I blogged today about my trial run with a continuous glucose monitor.
Last Thursday, I went in to get set up for a five-day run with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). Quick overview - with type one diabetes, the pancreas up and quits producing insulin, because it’s a LAZY SLACKER! Therefore, I take insulin via an insulin pump, which delivers a baseline dose throughout the day, and allows …

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